• 1995
    Set up metering R&D Center

  • 1996
    Enter Chinese mainland metering market

  • 1998
    Launch remote meter control system project with ENEL, Italy

  • 1999
    Obtain CMC certification on multi-rate meters in China

  • 2002
    Start shipment of smart meters and data concentrator to ENEL

  • 2003
    Obtain 3C certification on prepayment meters in China

  • 2004
    Obtain BIS certification on anti-temper meters in India
    Start shipment of anti-tamper meters to RELIANCE, India

  • 2005
    Reorganize R&D Center to Metering System Business Unit
    Obtain the EU CE certification on Concentrator
    Kick off the cooperation with IBM in smart meter project in Europe.
    Obtain NOM certification on wireless water meters
    Start shipment of Smart Water Meter Module to Brazil and Mexico

  • 2009
    Obtain BIS certification on Class 0.5s CT Meters
    Start shipment to Malaysia

  • 2010
    Obtain DLMS / INMETRO / STS certification

  • 2012
    KAIFA Technology U.K. Limited was founded in London

  • 2013
    TC Kaifa Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in Bangkok
    Start shipment to Sweden and Netherlands
    Obtain Prime-PLC certification

  • 2014
    Launch AMI project in Senegal, providing overall system solution

  • 2015
    Penetrate Austria market
    Launch AEM project in Uzbekistan

  • 2016
    Obtain ISO/IEC27001 certification
    Start shipment of prepayment meter to Bangladesh
    Kaifa Metering Technology (H.K.) Ltd. was founded

  • 2017
    Start shipment to Norway
    Provide the HES system to Uruguay market
    Obtain G3-PLC certification

  • 2018
    Obtain ISO14064 certification
    Pass security test by Riscure Security evaluation
    Kaifa first overseas factory (Thailand) start delivery