MA602/MA602B Smart Diaphragm AMR Gas Meter

MA602/MA602B Smart Gas meter is based on High-reliable traditional diaphragm meter. It supports both pre-payment & post-payment mode with motor valve embedded. MA602B adopts normal AA size battery to enable customer to change the battery by themselves to achieve low battery cost. While MA602 uses lithium battery to make convenience for customers’ one time use without any maintenance. . KAIFA's excellent design makes its power consumption very low, extending battery life time. Anti-tamper system is configured to protect metrological function. The AMR solution is KAIFA's own LoRa network with a time-tested total solution, realizing reliable connection experience.                     

Main Features
Technical Specifications

Key features

ü  High tech, state of the art design with high quality components.

ü  High-reliable diaphragm meter.

ü  KAIFA's LoRa AMR network total solution.

ü  For use with fuel gasof the 1st, 2nd & 3rd families according to EN 437:1993.

ü  MID approval in accordance with EN 1359.

ü  IP43 ingress protection rating (IEC 60529).

ü  Low pressure drop using motor valve technology.

ü  Anti-tamper technology.

ü  Working with customer changeable AA battery. (MA602)

ü  Internal lithium battery, 5+1 life time. (MA602B)

ü  Real time clock accuracy: ±0.5s/day.

ü  Timing from network.

ü  Electrical safety (EN 61010), RED approval (EN 300 440-2).

ü  Matrix LCD display, friendly user interface, multilingual support (Optional).

Smart features

ü  Registration and calculation of the following: Volume at measuring condition [m3], Corrected volume [m3], Volume at base condition [m3], Energy [kWh](Opt.), Instantaneous flow rate [m3/h], Maximum demand (peak flow).

ü  Hour billing record and configurable report period, once per day or longer. Support monthly bill report.

ü  Battery monitor system, calculation remain energy of battery.

ü  Encryption data transmission.

ü  Configurable listening window time, remarkably reduce the power consumption.

ü  Anti-stuck valve control mechanism. Daily consumption curve.

ü  External magnetic detect and alarm.

Additional Features

ü  Multi-layer security system comprising of both physical and electronic tamper detection of compartment cover removal, MID seal removal, index removal, external magnetic fields.

ü  Integral motor valve to reliably connect/disconnect flow by remote command, Configurable tamper or battery failure safe re-connection with manual local confirmation.

ü  Universal communication module interface allowing interchangeability & in-service replacement.

ü  Primary Battery: 4*AA Size Battery (MA602) or 3.6V Lithium Thionyl-Chloride (MA602B).

ü  Backup Battery: 30 days for RTC (MA602).LCD display with backlight (MA602).

ü  Measurements displayed to 1 liter resolution (0.001 m³).

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