MA603-X-T Smart Diaphragm Token Gas Meter

MA603-X-T series is fully-integrated spectrum of data management and Internet of Things (IoT)-ready gas meter.

It support pre-payment and multi-tariff by local or remote token under KAIFA’s data management system, and is built on the basis of a high reliable diaphragm base meter.

MA603-X-T series meter will allow the optimization of the entire gas value chain by cooperation with KAIFA’s data management system, including applications ranging from the wellhead to the burner tip, further enable companies to exercise control cover their gas measuring and regulating needs while ensuring minimum ownership costs.

The fully-integrated portfolio offers constant connectivity and round-the-clock access to critical data and diagnostics.        

Main Features
Technical Specifications

Key features

ü  MID approval.

ü  High-reliable diaphragm base meter.

ü  Prepay by TOKEN via Keypad board.

ü  Token solution based on STS/CTS Standard.

ü  Remote Token via IOT or LoRa network. *1

ü  Replaceable communication module with separated seal.

ü  IP65 protection level.

ü  Temperature compensation RTC.

Tiny power consumption

ü  Ultra low power management.

ü  Tiny power hardware & software structure.

ü  Smart backlight. *2

Standards & approve

ü  EN1359 (MID).

ü  R31 (OIML).


Smartness & safety

ü  Smart low balance alarm.

ü  User APP available. *1

ü  Daily usage freeze and event log.

ü  Reconnect gas supply after local confirmation.

ü  Inspect from IR port.

ü  Multilayer authentication control.

ü  Multi-layer fence defense.

ü  Anti-external magnetic field.

ü  Year 2035 token overflow issue automatically fixed.


ü  Dual battery automatic backup system. *1

ü  Temperature compensation RTC.

ü  Internal motor valve.

ü  Anti-stuck valve pre-fire tactics.


ü  Touch token key board. *1

ü  Blue tooth token throw smart mobile phone.

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