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Enel is a pioneer utility in smart grid innovation, which started the 1st AMR project in the world in 1998. KAIFA was selected as a meter supplier, till today Kaifa already deliver over 25 million PLC meters to Italy for this 1st generation project. In 2016, Enel launched the 2nd generation of smart meter project, KAIFA upgraded the automation manufacturing & tracking system, stablized the supply chain management, improved the quality control system... and enjoy the good reputation on Quality and Commitment Service. Till today, the volume meters provided by Kaifa has been well verified on the Reliability during its lifetime in the field in Italy. READ MORE


In Netherlands, the major DSOs started a joint project called Netbeeheer Nederlands to deploy smart meters over the whole country with strict, creative and clear requirements. The meter is equipped with mobile communication and wireless M-bus to collect data from gas meter. The meter should pass several security related tests internally and externally such as penetration test, fuzzing test and etc. KAIFA has been providing 1.4 million meters and much more in the coming years. READ MORE


As one of new generation PLC communication technologies, Prime was empolyed in Iberian peninsula which featurs OFDM in the physical layer and multiple mechanisms in MAC layer such as CSMA/CA to enhance the robust transmission of signal over the power line. Interoperability and security are focused in this technology which help the DSO with more alternative sources in supply chain management. READ MORE


29 Norwegian DSOs formed a group for buying smart meters with RF Mesh and LTE communication solutions. These DSOs are scattered from north to south in the country with extreme weather conditions which pose tough requirements on the products and logistics. KAIFA succeeded with around 35% market share in the Soria Project with series of DLMS compliance products. READ MORE


Sweden is now moving to the second generation of smart meter with new regulation and new technologies. KAIFA is deeply involved in this transition that KAIFA has been delivering 200,000 meters with different technologies such as RF mesh, G3 PLC, LTE and NB IoT... KAIFA is on the way to provide multiple flexible solutions to Sweden. READ MORE


Uzbekistan Government launched AMI project with ADB funding in 2012. Through the global tender, Kaifa and Korean Telecom won the project after intense competition with the giant companies in the industry. Kaifa's solution is equipped with a comprehensive anti-tamper multi-function electricity meters. By combining various communication methods, it realizes full coverage of the terminal equipment, real-time data transmission and high communication success rate. With a robust design, the products can effectively adapt to the harsh environment with the poor power quality, the wide temperature range of Central Asia, and the large temperature difference between day and night. The customized MDMS system from Kaifa helps customers achieve remote prepayment, greatly reduces the line loss rate, effectively curbs the situation of malicious arrears of electricity, and improves the cash flow of the power company. In addition, the alarms and events are automatically pushed from the equipment instantly. The utility can identify the field abnormalities in time. The grid quality is enhanced and the service quality is improved. This project has greatly improved the efficiency of product installation, system operation and maintenance through effective site survey and on-site workflow management system. READ MORE


The project is the first smart prepaid meter system solution in Bangladesh enabling customers to remotely recharge their meters online. The end user can recharge by themselves at any time and anywhere, eradicating long time queue and difficulty in recharging access. Adoption of the bank-level encryption technology to conduct initial cloud implementation, ensuring the absolute security and reliability of the system. A number of well-known mobile payment platforms are seamlessly connected to realize a variety of recharge and payment methods. READ MORE


In response to the local power shortage, Kaifa’s system solution helps customers achieve intelligent identification of utility and diesel power generation, and independent measurement. At the same time, it also enables intelligent management of the community, realizing the collection and management of property service fees, and charges for water, electricity and sewage drainage. The advanced LoRa wireless network data transmission technology is used to collect energy data in real time, which realizes centralized storage and unified management of data, reduces manual labors, greatly improves work efficiency, and provides basis for user management, statistics and analysis of energy usage so as to make energy metering management more scientific and efficient. READ MORE


The tropical rainforest climate has brought abundant resources to Malaysia which has a lot of vitality to this city. KAIFA also fully takes into account the operating environment of high temperature and humidity, providing customers with a complete set of long life and highly reliable design of electricity meter products. At the same time, the anti tamper function is steadily improved. So the situation of power theft is effectively improved, and the operating cost of the power company is reduced. READ MORE


This project is the first AMI project of the Uruguayan National Electric Company (UTE). KAIFA was awarded the project with many years of AMI project experience and complete product and system solutions. This project adopts international standard system interface design, supports Ethernet/2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT and other communication terminal connections, and is configured with data acquisition, device status monitoring, event reporting, remote control, parameter configuration and device firmware upgrade and many other features. The project has been successfully deployed on site." READ MORE


This project is the first AMI smart grid renovation project in both Senegal and West Africa. This project consists of the main station system, concentrator, resident meter, CT meter, communication module, intelligent on-premise central control room equipment and multi-functional smart meter box. The system software adopts international standard interface design and is compatible with a variety of communication protocols, helping customers to upgrade the original offline equipment and realize online data collection, successfully migrating and managing historical data. READ MORE


In order to promote the process of instrumentation of public utilities, the NB-IOT application module based on SOC concept adapts to the needs of Internet of Things in the field of “public utilities” like electricity, water, gas, heat metering, and the field of “safety supervision and fire protection”, and other various application scenarios. Kaifa’s solution supports public network access and embedded eSim cards of major operators such as China Unicom and CMCC, and online upgrades of third-party applications. The module itself has a rich interface and configurable resource, fully considering the needs of the actual application, and does not require more external circuit to complete the function of the IoT meter. READ MORE


With more than 26 million meters experience in PLC communication sector, KAIFA has extended the PLC presence to next generation of PLC technology. KAIFA is going to deliver around 1 million G3-PLC meters as well as LTE NB1 meters in Austria. It is KAIFA's first time to have DLMS/COSEM Suite 1.0 going live which significantly enhances the security of the products. READ MORE

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