Kaifa Metering attended the Middle East Electricity 2018

From March 6th to 8th, 2018, the 43rd Middle East Electricity was kicked off in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The exhibition enjoys the reputation of “one of the world's five largest industrial activities” and is one of the world’s largest international exhibitions for the power and energy industry. It attracts more than 130 countries of the world's well-known enterprises and professionals to participate in.

Kaifa Metering took the smart meters and intelligent system to this exhibition, demonstrating the application scenarios and technical advantages of AMI system, smart prepaid system and a full range of water and electricity solutions. It also discussed the development trend of the local future smart meter, IOT and other hot topics with the Middle East power companies such as DEWA, FEWA, KE, MEW, and SEC.

The first public appearance of corporate mascot: Smiling Panda attracted a lot of attention during this exhibition. Kaifa Metering is located in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The smiling panda is not only fully reflects the unique geographical characteristics, but also communicates the company's smile service concept to all customers and partners.

The AMI System of Kaifa Metering uses a variety of communication medias (RF technology and PLC technology) to achieve data reads. It is designed to provide real-time user electricity data for power companies, effectively solving the problem of high density in urban and suburban users. In addition, Kaifa Metering has established an automatic two-way circulation bridge between smart meters and power companies around the world through the AMI System, and it has made great contributions to load response and energy saving and emission reduction.

The pre-paid system of Kaifa Metering is to meet the needs of the power management reform to the maximum extent and improve the power supply management efficiency. By using the meter data for remote and effective management and control, this management system can fully assist the power company in further analyzing the user's power usage, and provide powerful support and guarantee for the power company to upgrade supporting services and formulate relevant decisions.

In addition, Kaifa Metering also promoted the technology precipitation on smart meters to water and gas meter applications, and has formed a complete products and solutions. The various communication solutions attracted the attention of many customers and partners and left a deep impression on visitors.

Through this exhibition, Kaifa Metering learned more about the specific needs of smart metering markets and products in the Middle East, and through the high quality products and system service, further open the local market. From now on, Kaifa Metering will continue to respond to the globalization trend of the metrology industry. Through technology innovation and system services, Kaifa Metering will combine the actual conditions of different countries and regions to continuously meet the full range of needs of partners and customers.

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