Kaifa Metering attended the African Utility Week 2018

From May 15 to 17, 2018, the 18th African Utility Week kicked off in Cape Town, Africa. The exhibition is the longest, largest and most influential industry exhibition in Africa. It focuses on new solar energy markets in order to build a comprehensive use of coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy and hydropower to generate electricity. It could ensure the reliable supply and use of African electricity.

Innovation comes from real life and change depends on information technology. Kaifa Metering took the theme of “Innovation Brings a Better Life” and focuses on the innovation of smart metering products in order to get close to the end users.

Furthermore , Kaifa Metering demonstrated in detail a complete set of smart prepaid products and system solutions which including split-type prepaid, remote prepaid, prepaid and empower AMI System solutions which can support G3-PLC, RF, GPRS and other communication methods. Furthermore, Kaifa Metering discussed a series of hot topics such as smart metering, metering systems and new energy use in the African market with well-known global companies and African power companies.

With the continuous upgrade of smart metering solutions, high-reliability remote communication solutions are playing an increasingly important role. Kaifa Metering assisted customers in achieving the ultimate goal of network quality optimization by creating smart meters that are compatible with multiple communication modes and incorporate data from the main station system. In addition, Kaifa Metering also provided a variety of flexible communication solutions for variable field environments. In order to improve the rate of communications through constant and effective real-time monitoring.

The line loss rate of the power grid has always been a key factor that directly affects the effective earnings of the power companies for a long time. The MDMS system of Kaifa Metering provides related functional modules that can detect power line loss data. Through data monitoring and analysis, it can effectively help customers realized the actual operation quality and consumption level of the power grid, and then formulate effective measures to reduce the line loss rate.

The African continent has a vast territory and a large population. Although it has abundant hydropower, oil, natural gas, coal, and geothermal resources, only a quarter of the population can use electricity and a quarter of the installed capacity of the power station cannot even be operated. Through this exhibition, Kaifa Metering learned more about the progress and development direction of the local smart metering market and energy market in Africa, and helped promote the local electric energy innovation process through high-reliability products, systems and services. In the future, Kaifa Metering will focus on the sustainable innovation in energy management, provide reliable & competitive solutions and services to create more value for customers and society.

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