KAIFA attended the European Utility Week 2018

There is a city with a history of more than 1,800 years, which is known as the "goddess of the Danube”: Vienna. From November 6-8, 2018, the 20th European Utility Week 2018 kicked off in Vienna.

As the first smart metering enterprise that exports smart meter that “Designed and Made in China", KAIFA represented China's energy meter and embarked on this exciting journey of innovation. With the theme of “Innovation Brings a Better Life” and the image ambassador “Smile Panda”, KAIFA attended this exhibition.

Because of the years of accumulation of “quality”, “technology” and “service”, as well as a deep understanding of the diversified global energy measurement needs, digital measurement and low carbon environmental protection, KAIFA continues to pursue Security, Customization, and Reliability and has delivered more than 28 million smart meters to Europe.

During the exhibition, the booth of KAIFA was full of people, and all the customers and friends that expressed their full affirmation of KAIFA's product development concept gathered together to discuss the development of the energy measurement industry. 

Chapter 1: Security in the era of big data

The information security of user data has been around for a long time. So KAIFA took the lead in opening a new chapter in the data security. From the latest CPA safety requirements in the UK to the recent European GDPR data protection law; from the general C99 code design specification to the comprehensive MISRA C 2012 code specification; from the full adoption of the latest DLMS specification to the establishment of an overseas security expert team; the system has a secure design that supports end-to-end communication encryption in accordance with the highest security standards in Europe. It is KAIFA's eternal commitment to make every customer feel comfortable.

Chapter 2Customization of diversified markets

KAIFA has a unique sense of innovation in customized product design due to its positive and promising corporate culture. KAIFA's smart metering products are designed with a forward-looking vision, taking full account of customers' potential demands and bringing value to customers through high-end customized products. All products can be equipped with LTE, NB-IoT, G3-PLC (Band A and FCC), RF-mesh, wired/wireless Mbus, CDMA and other communication methods to achieve seamless connection with the Empower AMI system and providing End To End complete solutions for future customers. The AMI system and HES system based on this can quickly respond to the customized demands and solve customer problems in a shorter time.

Chapter 3: Reliability of low carbon requirements

The reliability of product design is not just about working properly in the life cycle, but how to use the most streamlined design for reliable, correct work, and how to minimize the impact of the product on the earth's electromagnetic environment, how to reduce environmental pollution during product recycling. KAIFA adheres to corporate responsibility and takes into account the reliability requirements of products and the environment in the context of manufacturing, transportation, and recycling in product reliability design. From the design of the reliability test scheme to the evaluation of the original ROHS&REACH; From the control of EMC electromagnetic radiation level to the verification of recyclable and degradable structural materials; From the analysis of reliability test data to the reflection of field failure cases, KAIFA provides customers with complete products and highly reliable solutions.

KAIFA is actively responding to the booming market demand and technological innovation at present. It upholds an open and inclusive mind and strives forward with partners. 

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