There is a Thanksgiving card from the Netherlands for you

In recent years, following the footsteps of the global information era of big data, the EU countries are moving towards a modern power grid with digital network measurement. The smart metering products based on a large number of pilot projects have been fully deployed. The “Tulip Kingdom” -- The Netherlands, which is woven by windmills, rafts and tulips, is also the promoter of this era of progress.

KAIFA is the leading supplier of smart meters in the Netherlands, and the Netherlands has witnessed the great success of KAIFA's self-developed electricity meters for mass shipment. Based on the continuous improvement of smart metering technology and the continuous improvement of standardization requirements, KAIFA has successfully entered the Netherlands market with customized smart meters since 2010. In July 2013, IBM and KAIFA jointly launched a smart meter that is fully compliant with the DSMR 4.0 requirements and has been recognized by the market.

In 2016, an article called Static Energy Meter Errors Caused by a possible Interference appeared. This article mentioned all kinds of static electric energy meter errors caused by conducted electromagnetic interference, which not only attracted the attention of major power companies in Europe, but also aroused the whole intelligent measurement industry. At that time, KAIFA still adopted the safest and reliable measurement method to help partners avoid possible risks of electromagnetic interference. At the same time, KAIFA is constantly upgrading in the process of strict technical standards in the Netherlands, and the existing scheme has fully met the DSMR 5.0 standard. Based on years of efficient communication and friendly cooperation, the two sides are no longer limited to the current business contacts, but discuss the application scenarios and solutions of the future energy metering market together, and reach an in-depth strategic cooperation relationship of mutual trust and win-win cooperation.

"Long distance separates no bosom friends”! On the day of Thanksgiving, the leaders of the partners personally wrote 15 postcards with the Netherlands scenery to express their sincere thanks and best wishes to KAIFA team.

A small card that carries the absolute trust and support of partners for KAIFA over the years. KAIFA's success in the Netherlands has proved its professional R&D capabilities and rapid response speed not only to Europe but also to the intelligent measurement industry all over the world. Continuous innovation and progress is the eternal driving force to support KAIFA's progress. Today's achievements have become another new starting point. In the future, KAIFA will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship and write a new chapter of history for itself and China in this tulip kingdom, the European continent and even the whole world.

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