Never Stop- Kaifa successfully held Strategy Seminar 2018

From December 22 to 23, 2018, the Sales&Marketing center(MKT) of Shenzhen Kaifa Technology (Chengdu) Co.,Ltd. held the “Strategy Seminar 2018”. With the theme of “Never Stop”, the conference aims to accurately grasp the development trends of energy measurement market and IoT big data technology, and to plan a clear road for the company's future business development.

Strictly control risks and increase ROI

The MKT can improve the success rate of projects by effectively screening customers and projects; The R&D accelerate the promotion and application of product platform and modularization through in-depth research on core technologies, shortening the R&D cycle and control the cost. Even if the growth rate of global market economy slows down, the MKT and R&D will take the lead, strictly control project risks, ensure the steady growth of existing key projects, improve the success rate of new development projects, and promote the sustainable development of the company with the vision of "partners" and the spirit of "entrepreneurs". 

"Double Engine" is comingAre You Ready?

In order to fully stimulate the business development ability of MKT and motivate the R&D team to deliver high-quality products to meet customer needs. KAIFA will officially implement the "Double Engine" on January 1, 2019.Based on project's revenue, the policy clarifies the calculation model of performance bonus which makes the incentive targets more precise and the incentive orientation more clear.

The Belt and Road & IOT

With the help of “The Belt and Road” regional platform, we can actively expand the cooperation relationship with industry partners along the line to create a community of interests; and rely on the powerful functions of the cloud and big data platform to open up the E2E link and solve it through one-stop solution. The program realizes the convergence of AI algorithms and computing power in the smart grid and the online operation of massive data services to create value for customers.

Under the guidance of macro policy and corporate strategy, all KAIFA people will work together to form a new "4.0" era with a "never stop" attitude!

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