KAIFA attended the E-World 2019

The most influential E-world was grandly opened in Essen on February 5, 2019. As one of the important engines of the European economy, the informationization and intelligence trend in the German energy field has been attracting worldwide attention. With the launch of the Gateway device at the core of the smart AMI architecture at the end of 2018, the market for smart meters and smart sensing terminals with Gateway as the core will be promising.

KAIFA's first appearance in the German market coincided with the Chinese Lunar New Year. As a technology company focused on global energy management informatization and intelligence, KAIFA is committed to providing efficient, safe and one-stop energy metering systems and management solutions. With outstanding product design and high-quality localization services, KAIFA has won more and more. More and more customers are favored.

The German energy metering market is relatively slow to develop compared to other European countries, but it is adhering to a set of strict control standards. Even so, KAIFA’s products are still widely accepted by customers for their accurate measurement of high reliability and safety. The customer's recognition moment spurs the KAIFA team to work diligently and constantly, while keeping up with the pace of German smart industry regulations and cutting-edge technology to improve energy metering technology and service quality.

The integration of smart gas metering, smart water metering and smart electrical metering systems has become a mainstream trend in the European market. At present, KAIFA has completed the research and development of gas meter & water meter series products for future intelligent needs. In the field of smart gas metering, KAIFA has independently developed an ultrasonic gas meter that meets international gas metering standards and supports different communication methods such as Zigbee, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, WMBUS, NB-IoT, etc., and satisfies customers through stable operation and long life. In the field of smart water metering, KAIFA takes advantage of the comparative advantages of energy management telematics and develops intelligent ultrasonic water meters that meet international water metering standards.

KAIFA has been committed to becoming a lifelong partner of its customers. It not only provides high-quality terminal meter products, but also promotes localized customer service and actively assumes social responsibility. In the market environment in which Germany is highly concerned about future energy demand trends, KAIFA pays more attention to the demand for green energy measurement products, guides users to use electricity habits through product and technology innovation, and assists customers to improve their comprehensive competitiveness in energy utilization and environmental protection.

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