KAIFA attended the 2019 Power Uzbekistan

More than two thousand years ago, the ancient Silk Road bridged Chinese to   Uzbeks and opened a window of friendship between the two countries. Today, the “Belt and Road” policy has greatly supported KAIFA's establishment of a complete smart power solution in Uzbekistan. KAIFA is promoting the development of local green energy projects and smart grid projects with the world's leading smart metering experience!

KAIFA debuted at Power Uzbekistan, the premier energy event in Central Asia, demonstrating advanced AMI systems and integrated hydrometer solutions including LTE, NB-IoT, G3-PLC, RF-mesh, wired/wireless M-bus, CDMA and Water meter for other communication methods, gas meter, enables seamless connection from Empower AMI system to the big data platform. which means targeting customer’s issue, that KAIFA can respond faster, solve problems quickly, to provide a complete end-to-end solution for the future.

Previously, in order to upgrade and renovate old power facilities, build a nationwide transmission network, and vigorously develop renewable energy in Uzbekistan, the Samarkand, Bukhara and Jizzakh intended to introduce a fully automatic energy metering management system.

Based on years of knowledge accumulation of “quality”, “technology” and “service” with a deeply understanding of diversified global energy measurement needs, digital measurement and low carbon environment development, KAIFA has gained absolute strength as a winner of local projects. Currently, KAIFA is providing more than 1.4 million smart meters to the three cities: Samarkand, Bukhara and Jizzakh, as well as the world's leading HES systems and MDMS system services. In addition, the project offers a full range of other support services, including on-site measurements, installation and commissioning support, and maintenance services, etc. KAIFA is committed to providing her customers with complete solutions and services for smart energy measurement and management systems such as water, electricity, gas and heat, which have a long history and experience in independent research and development for more than 20 years. As the first smart metering company to introduce “Design and Made in China” into Europe, KAIFA is the only Chinese company to deploy smart meters in Europe and participate in many large AMI projects in Europe. Amongst them, 40 million smart meters “KAIFA Design” and “Made in KAIFA” have reached the international advanced technology level of carrier communication and wireless communication technology.

For Uzbekistan, the emergence of KAIFA has strongly promoted power reform and development throughout the region. For KAIFA, Uzbekistan as well has laid a solid foundation for the sustained development of KAIFA's business throughout the Central Asia. KAIFA will take the market of Central Asian market as a springboard and expand the whole smart metering management business to the entire CIS region. At present, KAIFA is actively responding to the booming market demand and technological innovation, and insists on developing together with partners with an open and inclusive mind! Look forwarding to the glory of KAIFA on the Silk Road!

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