KAIFA attended the African Utility Week 2019

South Africa, located in the southernmost of the Continent, showing the world its diamond blue and colorful hue, has paint the planet as “Rainbow Nation of Africa” for millennia. Usher in the new era, the regional biggest and most influential Power Energy Event---African Utility Week was come as appointed on May 14th 2019 in Cape Down. As a leader in China Energy Measurement Industry, KAIFA made its magnificent appearance with the most complete Smart Metering Solutions and great enthusiasm in this exhibition.

The Smart Energy Metering market in Africa faces enormous challenges: although existing energy meters can be accurately measured, most Utilities are unable to collect and statistically analyze power data, let alone to implement peak load shift and rational allocation of energy. What’s more, the frequent power outages have also caused operating and maintenance costs to continue to rise. Based on the situation, KAIFA has conducted on-site inspections and internal technical demonstrations for many times, with years of experience in smart meter development, it has conducted complete AMI prepaid solutions including G3-PLC, RF, GPRS, NB-IoT and other communication methods, aiming to reduce operating costs through real-time data collection and help Utilities improve profitability. At the same time, through the manual recharge, system online recharge, SMS recharge and APP recharge and other flexible and convenient payment methods, the user experience has been massively enhanced. The end users no longer wait in line to achieve 7 × 24 hours’ convenient power purchase in any time and at anywhere.

For a long time, line loss of grid has been a key factor that directly affected the Utilities’ revenue. The KAIFA Empower master station system provides Utilities with functional modules such as line loss statistics and user power factor PFC detection. Through data monitoring and analysis, the Utilities can understand the real-time running quality and loss degree, thus providing reliable data support for reducing line loss and increasing revenue.

In addition, with the continuous improvement of living standards, African people's demand for electrical energy is growing. In particular, under the support and influence of “the Belt and Road policy”, several countries in Africa have initiated multiple power production, supply and facility renovation projects. KAIFA will work with local partners and continuously deepen cooperation with Utilities to provide targeted solutions, thereby enable African people to truly enjoy the convenience of science and technology. 

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