KAIFA is committed to low-carbon activities

With the change of world climate, low-carbon economy has become an important issue for the sustainable development of global industry and commerce. More and more national governments, investors and other stakeholders require enterprises to quantify their impact on the environment. In recent years, customers have paid more and more attention to related issues such as enterprise product life cycle assessment, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, and the demand for product carbon footprint certification year by year. KAIFA took the lead in carrying out carbon verification and product carbon footprint accounting, and obtained the first carbon footprint certificate in November 2018. At present, KAIFA has 3 products mainly exported to Europe that have passed the carbon footprint certification.

In order to eliminate the trade barriers of product export and break the technical barriers of foreign low-carbon certification, Chengdu Commerce Bureau and Chengdu Customs have selected 20 large-scale enterprises with superior industry influence and industry carbon footprint certification for their products. As one of the first companies to participate and obtain this certification, KAIFA has received strong support from the Chengdu Commerce Bureau and Chengdu Customs. At the "Chengdu Export Products Low Carbon Standards and Certification Alliance Establishment and Certification Enterprise Certification Conference" held on December 31, 2019, KAIFA, as the sole representative of the company, made a concluding speech.

Based on the results of the carbon footprint verification, KAIFA will continue to promote the implementation of the factory ’s annual greenhouse gas verification, type III environmental labeling and product life cycle assessment, and further carry out related measures such as process upgrades and energy-saving renovations to increase the use of renewable energy and international competition for products In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and help the construction of national low-carbon cities.

In the future, KAIFA will continue to follow the "13th Five-Year Plan", take green development, safe development, and sustainable development as the direction and goal of the company's progress. KAIFA will sell low-carbon and environmentally friendly products "Made in Chengdu" and "Made in China" to more countries and regions.

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