KAIFA helps domestic exporters fight COVID - 19

The COVID - 19 not only disrupted the warm and pleasant rhythm of people's life during the Spring Festival, but also caused a periodic impact on the overseas expansion and economic benefits of domestic enterprises.

Affected by COVID - 19, Sichuan's export-oriented agricultural enterprises suffered heavy losses. The Sichuan Provincial Government launched a series of targeted policy measures to actively promote mutual help among enterprises and provide support for stabilizing foreign trade.

During this period, the kiwifruit production company located in Pujiang County, Chengdu, was cancelled by customers for orders to be exported to Singapore, the company will suffer huge economic losses. After knowing of this news, KAIFA was quick to respond and actively subscribed for 1100 boxes of kiwis, trying its best to help the company recover its economic losses. On the day of full resumption of work, a box of meaningful kiwis was distributed to each KAIFA employee as soon as possible.

KAIFA has always adhered to the core values of " Innovation and Cooperation", and has always placed caring for employees and fulfilling social responsibilities in an important position. Under the COVID - 19, assistance and cooperation between enterprises is not only a mutually beneficial and self-help act, for Chinese economy, it is also an effective way to stabilize employment, enhance the vitality of enterprises and increase GDP.

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