KAIFA AMI System assists countries to fight against the COVID - 19

Affected by the COVID - 19, many governments have announced a state of emergency, and have adopted measures such as a lockdown requiring people to stay at home in some areas to control the spread of the epidemic. A stable energy supply has become a priority due to the work of various enterprises in epidemic prevention needing a guaranteed supply to ensure normal operation, and domestic usage of energy increasing rapidly due to the lockdown and the need of residents to support a normal life.

COVID-19 does not discriminate in who is affected, so with a strong sense of corporate responsibility and in-line with our company mission, KAIFA took the lead in vigorously promoting the important measure of using emergency credit to allow consumers the continued use of electricity when they have run out of available credit.

As the first supplier of Smart Meters and AMI Prepayment System solutions to implement a remote prepayment solution for Bangladesh, KAIFAs AMI system solutions is able to turn off the power when customers don’t pay the electricity bill or runout of their available credit a few years ago. During the epidemic, KAIFA took advantage of the system's functionality to adopt the use of emergency credit to allow consumers the continued use of electricity when they have run out of available credit. Through the AMI system, all smart meters can be remotely programmed to keep customers on power and continue using electricity with all available credit has run out. This is compliant with the government policy to help people fight against the epidemic at home.

In addition to assisting South Asia, KAIFA has also worked with Uzbekistan to implement the policy of enabling emergency credit to keep consumers on power. Through the AMI system, a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply policy has been implemented for millions of meters to ensure residents can use electricity normally during the epidemic. This function of guarantying power supply has greatly improved the convenience of local power companies and reduced the risk of residents going outside.

The COVID - 19 is the common enemy of the world, and defeating the epidemic is a great war that requires all mankind to work together. Based on the vision of "innovation brings a better life ", KAIFA, with the help of humanistic care and technological innovation, lights up a better life in the "darkest moment" when all humans fight the epidemic.

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