Kaifa Metering attended the 19th European Utility Week

The 19th European Utility Week kicked off in Amsterdam, Netherlands during October 3-5, 2017. The world's leading power companies, systems companies, power grid operators, and metrology professionals gathered together to discuss the leading results of global scale, power grids and energy use. The exhibition covered electricity, water, heat, gas and other Energy fields, involving Smart Metering, Smart Grids, Data Management, (Smart Homes, Energy AMR&AMI, communication & IT and Energy Retail and a series of hot issues like intelligent, environmental protection and low carbon.

As a well-known high-tech industry in China, Kaifa Metering will continue to focus on the energy measurement & management, efficient energy applications and environmental protection.

In this exhibition, Kaifa Metering discussed the issues related to the future development of smart meters and smart grids in cooperation with global well-known telecom companies, system integrators, chip suppliers, etc. In addition, Kaifa Metering also discussed with the world-renowned power companies such as Enel, Liander and Soria about the future development direction of the energy metering and management business in the European market. On the key technologies field such as the development of smart grids, communication modules, front-end systems, and energy quality have become hot topics for discussion. Especially the hot topics such as smart cities, IOT application management, and big data management analysis that are currently being widely watched around the world. Kaifa Metering combined the characteristics and needs of the energy measurement industry, and discussed the technical advantages, application scenarios, development trends, and market opportunities faced by related parties in details.

On the morning of October 4th, the CEO from Soria, Norway, held a conference called The SORIA Program--Key Challenges and Successes, which attracted nearly 100 industry professionals. As an important partner of Soria, Kaifa's series of smart meter products were perfectly presented at the press conference. Due to the wide coverage of the project and the complicated production process, the difficulty of the meter equipment in the early stage of R&D and commissioning has been continuously increased. However, Kaifa Metering has continuously adapted to changes in market conditions and completed quality and quantity with high professionalism and rich experience, in order to delivery of the metering equipment with good quality.

In addition, the series of intelligent products are also displayed at the show by a number of power companies, partners, associations and alliance platforms (Prime Alliance, G3-PLC Alliance, etc.). According to the simple and elegant design and the easy-to-understand operation with the fine modules, the company's design philosophy and the professional development technical ability were presented to every professional in the field.

As an earlier domestic company involved in the European and even the global power market, Kaifa Metering has received support and praise from customers and partners from various countries. Especially in the highly regarded European market, Kaifa Metering has more than 20 years of professional service experience. Under the influence of the globalization trend, through technological innovation and system services, combined with the actual conditions of different countries and regions, Kaifa Metering will continuously meet the full range of needs of our partners and customers.

Through participating in the European Utility Week, Kaifa Metering once again demonstrated itself on the stage of power and energy, and also demonstrated its strong strength and vision in the energy measurement industry. In the future, Kaifa Metering will continue to focus on energy measurement and management and move toward the vision “bringing metering innovation to the world”!

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