AJ102 Data Concentrator

u  With plug-and-play interchangeable WAN/LAN communication module.

u  Both PLC and RF can be supported at the same time, to be suitable for hard environment.

u  Save operation time and cost, reduce manual mistakes by Automatically Meter Discovery and Topology management.

u  Wide range of power supply: 86V~265V is flexible for various grid.

u  Beautiful appearance, stylish streamlined main body.

u  Standard size and light weight is convenient for transportation and installation.                        

Main Features
Technical Specifications

ARM9 processor.

Embedded LINUX.

Support application software, firmware software and operating system configuration upgrade.

Communication interfaces and auxiliaries:


ü   1 port, supports GPRS/PSTN/3G/LTE, modular design, can be changeable. 1 Ethernet RJ-45 port.


ü   1 port, for LAN communication, supports plug & play of PLC/RF communication module. PLC module could be:- PRIME PLC module for PRIME PLC meters,- G3 PLC module for G3-PLC meters,- S-FSK PLC module, DLMS/COSEM with S-FSK PLC profile is supported;

ü   1 RS-485 port withstanding 380 VAC / 5 min when connecting error, each port for 32 slave nodes; 1 RF (LoRa) port embedded, with external antenna.


ü   1 RS-232 port for debugging, up to 115200bps, PPP is supported; 1 infrared port for local communication, up to 9600bps, IEC 62056-21 E mode, DLMS/COSEM with HDLC profile; 1 USB 2.0 full speed (12 Mbps) host port.

Other auxiliaries:

ü   Auxiliary power supply: 12 Vdc, 100 mA.

Support up to 1200 meters and consumption data management.                              

Advanced Meter discovery: new meters can be discovered automatically, save installation and commissioning cost.                                  

Advanced and automatically topology management and optimization, save the maintenance cost and reduce manual mistakes.                               

Automatically collect meter billing data, load profiles, power quality profiles, and events/alarm etc., store as configurable schedule.                                    

High accurate Real Time Clock with Daylight Saving Time management, meter clock management and synchronization.                            

Concentrator self-diagnostic and statistical, including parameters initialization, parameters loss detection, and parameter update, etc.                             

Transfer on Demand requests from Central System, and transfer responses vice versa.                              

Procedures management with priorities: high priority procedure runs first.                               

Webserver supported for the more convenient configuration (optional).                                    

Security protection comply with DLMS HLS-5, including different users’ access authorization on WAN, LAN and local, data encryption and authentication on LAN communication.                                

Power off notification (last gasp).     

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