MA602/MA602B Smart Diaphragm AMR Gas Meter

MA602 Serial smart gas meter is based on High-reliable traditional diaphragm meter.

It supports both pre-payment & post-payment mode with embedded motor valveMA602B adopts normal AA size battery to enable customer to change the battery by themselves to achieve low battery cost. While MA602 uses lithium battery to make convenience for customers’ one time use without any maintenance.

KAIFA's prominent design makes its power consumption quite low, extending its battery life time. Anti-tamper system is configured to protect metrological function. The AMR solution is KAIFA's own LoRa network with a time-tested total solution, realizing reliable connection experience. 

Main Features
Technical Specifications

Key features

ü  MID/OIML approval.

ü  High-reliable diaphragm base meter.

ü  KAIFA's LoRa/GPRS AMR network total solution.

ü  Low pressure drop using motor valve technology.

ü  IP65 protection level.

ü  4*AA Size Battery (MA602B) .

ü  3.6V Lithium Thionyl-Chloride (MA602).

ü  For walk by and LAN network mode.

ü  LCD display, multi-lingua supported (MA602).*1

Tiny power consumption

ü  Ultra low power management.

ü  Tiny power hardware & software structure.

ü  Configurable listening window time, remarkably reduce the power consumption.

Standards & approve

ü  EN1359 (MID)/OIML R31.

ü  IEC60529 (IP Code).


Smartness & safety

ü   External magnetic detection and alarm (optional).

ü   Safety reconnect.

ü   Timing from network.

ü   Smart low balance alarm.

ü   Hour billing record and configurable report period, once per day or longer. Support monthly bill report.

ü   Daily consumption curve.

ü   Anti-external magnetic field.

ü   Encryption data transmission.


ü   Battery monitor system, remain energy calculation.

ü   Real time clock accuracy: ±0.5s/day.

ü   Anti-stuck valve inside.

ü   Internal motor valve.

ü   Anti-stuck valve pre-fire tactics.

ü   Internal lithium battery, 5+1 life time. (MA602B)


ü   LoRa WAN supported (optional).

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