MA406 Smart NB-IoT Water Meter

u  MA406 is a NB-IoT based smart water meter. NB-IoT is a low-power data transmission technology, it has excellent broadcasting range, tiny power consumption, and easy to arrangement in the field. The electronic part reading the base meter by magnetic technology, it can immune to external magnetic field. By setting network parameters throw IR port (In factory module only), the meter can connect to any server.

Main Features
Technical Specifications

Key features

ü   Multi-Jet dry type non-magnetic transmission water meter.

ü   According to ISO4064

ü   High stable and accurate base water meter.

ü   Magnetic transmission. Designed by dedicated IC, high reliable.

ü   External magnetic tamper detect and alarm.

ü   Small index outline, easy to assembler.

ü   MID / OIML approval.

ü   Record floating condition every half hour and daily report.

ü   Configurable reporting period.

ü   Daily flow rate max, high flow alarm etc.

ü   IP68 ingress protection rating (IEC 60529)

ü   Suspicion leakage detection and alarm.

ü   6+1 year battery life (dependent on environment and user habits)

ü   NB-IoT 800MHz Band 20 supported

 Smart features

ü   Proven AMR application for various billing module

ü   Register and calculation of the following:

 - Volume at measuring condition [m3],

 - Corrected volume [m3]

 - Instantaneous flow rate [m3/h], Maximum demand (peak flow)

ü   General, Fault Conditions/Tampers, Security, Communications

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