RU65 Lora Wireless Module

u  The Lora wireless module of this project has the advantages of low power consumption, deep coverage, easy deployment and accurate measurement. It is suitable for applications that requires low power consumption and long distance such as smart meter reading and other applications and areas. Through wireless meter reading methods, the module solves the difficultinefficient and costly problem of manual reading meter.                     

Main Features
Technical Specifications

Two-way RF Communication.

Repeater Role.

Encrypted Communication.

Pulse or Photoelectric Direct Reading Sampling.

Internal Valve Control Circuit

Advanced Battery Management.

Low Battery Detection & Alert.

Magnetic Interference Detection & Alert.

Internal RTC.

Low Power Consumption.

Pulse Sampling on L.

Application Remote Upgrading.

Reverse Flow Detection.

Removal Detection & Alert (Optional).

Inclination Detection & Alert (Optional).

101 days hourly usage curve.

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