MA603-X-T Smart Diaphragm Token Gas Meter

MA603-X-S Serial smart gas meter is based on a High-reliable traditional diaphragm meter with KAIFA’s abundant experience in AMI system.  Index is designed with standard interface to base meter variants for G1.6, G2.5,G4 household meter, and also for G6,G10,G25,G40 commercial meter.

Long term battery solution is supported for 20 years, there are both battery positions inside meter box, one is only for metrology function, another is for communication as primary battery, which has separated sealing protection, and supported to be replaced without losing measurement.

Flexible communication solution is supported,  and could be replaced on site without power off meter. KAIFA could support LoRaWanSigfox, NB, Mbus and GPRS  so far. And also do will provide customized design as customer requirement.        

Main Features
Technical Specifications

Measurement and power quality

ü   MID approval.

ü   High-reliable diaphragm base meter.

ü   Design for prepayment and post-payment system.

ü   Electrical temperature & pressure compensation.*1

ü   Flexible AMR solution.

ü   Token solution based on STS/CTS Standard .

ü   Remote Token via IOT or LoRa network. *1

ü   Replaceable communication module with separated seal.

ü   IP65 protection level.

ü   Temperature compensation RTC.


ü   One smart box for various base meters.

ü   Changeable AMR module.

ü   For pre-payment & post-payment system.

ü   Support analog & electronic dual display.

Tiny power consumption

ü   Low power metering MCU.

ü   Tiny power hardware & software structure.

ü   Ultra deep sleep module during shipping.

ü   Smart backlight. *2

Standards & approve

ü   EN1359-2017 (MID).

ü   R137-1 (OIML).



ü   Dual battery automatic backup system. *1

ü   Temperature compensation RTC.

ü   End-of-life control . *1

ü   Internal motor valve.

ü   Anti-stuck valve pre-fire tactics.

Smartness & safety

ü   Safety Shield System.

ü   Safety reconnect.

ü   Over Flow Protection. *1

ü   Suspected Leakage Protection. *1

ü   Smart low balance alarm.

ü   User APP available. *1

ü   Daily usage freeze and event log.

ü   Reconnect gas supply after local confirmation.

ü   Inspect from IR port.

ü   Multilayer authentication control.

ü   Multi-layer fence defense.

ü   Anti-external magnetic field.

ü   Year 2035 token overflow issue automatically fixed.

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