MP106 Card Based Single Phase Pre-paid Energy Meter

  Compliant with DLMS/COSEM. 

u  Advanced SLE4428 IC card technology with dynamic encryption.

u  Prepaid Mode with Credit Transfer System.

u  Programmable prepaid and postpaid mode switch.

u  Protect from fraud or tampering, alarm and events record.

u  Accurate clock comply with IEC 62054-21.

u  Neutral measurement.

u  Latching relay design for disconnect and connect.

u  Replaceable external battery design.

u  Multiple communication port: optical port and RJ11 type RS485 port.

u  Extend transparent side entry type terminal cover.

u  Use smartcard as data exchange media for bidirectional data transfer between meter and utility.

u  Flexible field programmable tariff structure, support single tariff, TOU tariff and step tariff.              

Main Features
Technical Specifications


ü   Cumulative active energy and demand consumption for the current billing period; Cumulative active energy consumption; Previous 6 months historic active energy and demand consumption; Instantaneous voltage and current, PF, Frequency ,active power.


ü   Programmable 3 types of tariff structure, single tariff, TOU tariff and step tariff.

Billing data

ü   Previous 6 months active energy data, maximum demand and APF; Previous 6 months tariff active energy data; Used and Recharged credit.


ü   Credit deduct by each 0.01 unit; Support Emergency credit /Friendly hours/weekend/public holiday; Smartcard charge through token; Meter parameters management through token; High level security with Dynamic encryption.


ü   Support programmable postpaid mode switch.

Real time clock

ü   Comply with IEC62054-21; External replaceable battery for RTC back up.

Communication Interface

ü   Optical port, support IEC 62056-21; RJ11 type RS232 port.


ü   Dot matrix character type LCD; Active Impulse LED; Credit status LED; Tamper status LED; Buzzer audio alarm.

Anti-tamper features

ü   Terminal cover and top cover open detection; Magnetic field detection; Current reverse detection; Partial & complete earthling detection; Neutral measurement.

Disconnect / reconnect

ü   Latching relay in phase and neutral; Load control with threshold.

Event record

ü   Event record with timestamp; Power off and power on; Disconnect/Reconnect locally or overload threshold; Meter parameters programmed record; Tamper events record.

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