AM206 Smart Three phase Meter with CT/PT connection

u  Modular designed smart meter AM206 for Smart Energy Data Management.     

u  Compliant with DLMS/COSEM.    

u  Modular WAN/LAN capacity and HAN equipment management.       

u  Improve revenue and energy efficiency with advanced measurement with TOU.         

u  Accurate clock and Daylight saving time supported.        

u  Remote authenticated upgrade the meter firmware.       

u  Protect from fraud or tampering, alarm and events record.

u  Plug-and-play with interchangeable module: GPRS/3G/LTE/RF/Zigbee/Wireless M-bus/Wired M-bus…optional.              

Main Features
Technical Specifications

Measurement and power quality

ü   Import and export active / reactive / apparent energy and demand, 4 quadrant reactive energy; Configurable maximum demand integration period (typically 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes); Instantaneous voltage and current, PF, Vrms, Irms, Frequency; THD (total harmonics distortion) up to the 32th; Sag and swell event recording


ü   Programmable 2 sets of tariff structure, up to 6 energy tariffs; 30 special days tariff

Load profile for energy and power quality

ü   Up to 8 programmable channels for energy and demand load profile. Storage capacity: 60 days for 1 channel (15 min period); Up to 8 programmable channels for power quality load profile. Storage capacity: 60 days for 1 channel (15 min period); Programmable load profiles period ( typically 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes )

Billing Data

ü   31 days meter billing data available; 3 months meter billing data available; Energy and maximum demand

Real time clock

ü   Accuracy according to IEC 61038; Daylight saving time supported; Remote and local synchronization available

Communication interface

ü   Optical port baud rate 19200bps; RS232 port baud rate 115200bps; Interchangeable module: GPRS/3G/LTE/RF/Zigbee/Wireless M-bus/Wired M-bus (optional)


ü   Segment type LCD with configurable backlight brightness; Two LEDs indicate the impulse: one is active pulse output, the other is reactive output

Anti-tamper features

ü   Current reversal detection and measurement; Reversed phase sequence detection; Voltage unbalance detection; External magnetic field shielding(50*50*25mm700mT) and detection (50*50*25mm200mT); Face cover and terminal cover open detection ( normal or power outage ); Communication module plugging and unplugging recording

Log file

ü   Up to 50 kinds of event record with timestamp: Power off and power on; Meter parameters programed; Access records with both correct and incorrect password; Communication module change; Power Sag and swell event recording

Advanced flexible platform design

ü   Support different communication channels (GPRS / 3G/ LTE / RF (Zigbee)/Wireless M-bus/Wired M-bus…(optional)); Replace communication module without turning off the meter (optional); Support authenticated firmware upgrade remotely/locally ; Compliant with DLMS/COSEM; Friendly user interface, supporting readout at power outage; Assure data storage, RTC and meter operation with internal battery, super capacitor and replaceable external battery (Optional)

Industrial standard data security and authentication mechanism

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